Two-pack solvent-free epoxy resin high build coating. ACC HB provides a tough, hardwearing floor finish with good abrasion resistance to foot traffic and light wheeled vehicles.


ACC PUH - A FerFa 8 category type system. A heavy-duty polyurethane flooring system providing a completely non-porous seamless surface. Designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other forms of physical aggression including thermal shock from excessive heat up to 120ºC at 9mm in thickness. This polyurethane flooring is ideal for a broad spectrum of industry due to its unique properties, impact resistance, anti-slip qualities, easy cleaning and durability. Fast curing options are avaiable as this is a major benefit to your installation, meaning lower down time.

A FeRFA type 4, epoxy resin combination system that encapsulates decorative acrylic flakes in to an epoxy resin main coat.
FeRFA type 6, a three-part system of blended decorative quartz aggregate bound with epoxy resin and finished with clear seal coats. This epoxy resin flooring system provides moderate slip-resistance which can be adjusted to suit your environment. It is ideally suited to medium-duty production areas, traffic routes, entrance lobbies, circulation areas, CDT rooms, laboratories etc.